Upselling Bandwidth Tiers with Aditum

The Aditum platform also provides owners and managers the opportunity to Upsell Bandwidth Tiers – selling premium levels of service to tenants who require greater bandwidth or priority access during certain times of the day. Owners and managers can create premium, higher-priced service plans in the Aditum platform, providing incremental revenue on top of the base levels of service.

Aditum allocates incoming bandwidth through ‘rules’ that define connection burst speeds and duration.  This allows for the bandwidth to be distributed according to the needs of the tenants.  Since commercial and residential customers generally request more bandwidth at opposite times of the day, Aditum helps maximize the efficiency of the incoming internet pipe.

Aditum is a hybrid-hosted Internet Management platform for any multi-tenant environment that allows a property manager to resell or subdivide internet service to tenants.   Aditum adds a new revenue stream to a property; the internet access charges for every tenant.