Think You Want Wi-Fi for Multi-Tenant Spaces? Read This First

In today’s mobile world, many people would choose wireless over wired internet connections. Often, however, wireless is less efficient and more difficult to manage correctly, making a wired connection a far superior choice for internet connections in multi-tenant environments. Utilizing the Aditum Internet Management System gives property owners and building managers precise control over services – and an added revenue stream.

Bars vs Wires

With Wi-Fi, the signal passes through the air from the router to your device. In practice walls and other obstacles create interference. A stronger signal can pass through more obstacles, but it may compound connection problems.

The Strength of a Signal

Simply boosting signal strength to overcome obstacles creates a whole new problem. Imagine having a conversation in a noisy and crowded room. Talking louder so you can be heard simply induces others in the room to speak more loudly to compensate. When Wi-Fi devices do the same thing, they make themselves “heard” by other, competing devices.

Wi-Fi devices have a built-in way of dealing with crowded or congested signal; they take turns. So, if your device recognizes data packets traveling along the signal it’s trying to use, it stops and waits for a clear signal. This makes Wi-Fi more like a busy intersection than a crowded room. More traffic just means more congestion.

Speed: The Final Frontier

With the interference problems presented by Wi-Fi, it’s little wonder that apartment owners and multi-tenant buildings turn to Ethernet. It’s faster, more reliable, and more efficient than Wi-Fi alone, and a correctly wired system can support more devices without congestion.

What About Wi-Fi Inside Tenant Spaces?

Once inside tenant spaces, however, expect Wi-Fi to be used actively. Guest access in a commercial space is a perfect example. The optimal setup would include a series of low-power Wi-Fi access points, particularly in close-quarters environments. This would help limit congestion caused by reducing the number of different routers waiting for channels to clear.

Aditum IMS

The Aditum system becomes your automated traffic control system; metering out the internet bandwidth for each tenant. By managing the total bandwidth for your building with Aditum, the economies of bulk purchasing are magnified through the precise control offered by Aditum. And look for a distributed, low-power Wi-Fi option through our Zero-Touch routers coming soon.

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