Tap into the Next Generation in Multi Family Housing

Multi Family Executive magazine recently surveyed developers around the country to learn the most sought-after upgrades they were planning to implement in their “next generation” multi-family projects.

Driven by the 30-45 year-old demographic, and buoyed by millennials, developers are responding to the market demands and economics for amenities and enhancements to the rental housing stock..

Where is Technology?

Forward thinking developers are considering the future when designing their buildings. The current trends in next generation buildings point to convenience and amenities being the wave of the future. Tenants are demanding higher speeds and more reliable connections for their internet.

By building high-speed internet into the infrastructure of the building, owners can save on upgrade costs later on. Next generation buildings lay the foundations for future growth by closing the gap between code changes, the demands of tenants, and the cost of land, labor, and materials.

Aditum IMS

The Aditum system fits right in, providing more revenue for owners and managers while providing the internet bandwidth and speeds that are expected by younger, more tech-savvy residents.

Learn how you can capitalize on these next generation trends in multi-family housing with Aditum by contacting us today.