Equipment and Service Plans

Aditum’s Internet Managed Service platform is made available exclusively through our nation wide network of partners (because they are more than just re-sellers to us).  If you own or manage property and are looking to offer internet service to your tenants,  Click Here to find a partner in your area.

If you are looking to become one of Aditum’s partners and empower multi-tenant buildings in your area to generate revenue, attract more tenants, and get a leg up on their competition, by being their own ISP, Click Here to become a partner.

Monthly service for Aditum is controlled primarily by the number of tenants in the property, which are listed below.  Each building is controlled by a Aditum Cloud Core Router, and the primary sizing of that hardware is based upon the amount of sustained aggregate bandwidth used by the tenants.  For example, you might have a 300mb Fiber Circuit to the building but the tenants rarely exceed 125 Mbps of actual bandwidth utilization.  This means you should size the system for the 125 Mbps currently used, with some room for growth of course.

Monthly service plans:

Plan Name # of Tenants # of Bandwidth Plans
Basic 1 – 10 1
Small 1 – 15 2
Medium 10 – 25 3
Large 25 – 50 4
Small Commercial 50 – 100 8
Large Commercial 100 – 250 15
Small Enterprise 250 – 500 20
Large Enterprise 500 – 1000 50

Appliance Sizing Options:

Model 1G Ports Fiber Options Redundant Power Rack Mount Suggested Tenants Suggested Bandwidth WAN QoS BGP
Basic 24 1x SFP 15 50Mbps
Basic Rack 24 1x SFP 15 50Mbps
Commercial+ (Gen 2) 8 1x SFP* 1x SFP+ 75 200Mbps
Advanced 12 None 75 250Mbps
Advanced Fiber 0 12x SFP 1xSFP+ 75 250Mbps
Advanced+ 12 4x SFP 150 1.25Gbps
Carrier 12 4x SFP 250 1.25Gbps ✓**
Carrier+ 8 2x SFP+ 500 10Gbps
Municipal Fiber+ 1 8x SFP+ 1000 10Gbps

*Shared port for WAN connectivity only

**Partial tables only

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