Net Neutrality Again

The future of consumer internet is uncertain once again. The Federal Communications Commission announced plans to vote for repeal of net neutrality rules on December 14th.

Without net neutrality, regulations that require the equal treatment of all internet traffic, data carriers that also produce content, like Comcast, owners of Universal Studios and NBC, might find it compelling to favor their own content by slowing down, or throttling, the data speed of the content of their competitors.

For a look at what this future will almost surely look like we can turn to Portugal where they don’t have the neutrality protections on internet access we have always benefited from up until now. Below is an internet service plan upgrade from Lisbon-based mobile and fixed broadband provider MEO of their new “SmartNet” pricing plan.

This far from the only example. But don’t take our word for it, check out this article from TechDirt for several other examples.

Even many non-tech-savvy consumers know the value of open internet access. Building owners that can provide an alternative to consumer-grade restricted or capped internet service will create a unique selling feature for their properties and a competitive advantage in the market place. How do you get around the prospect of throttled data in a post-neutrality world?

The solution is the Aditum Internet Management System. Aditum allows you to distribute bulk, commercial-grade, full speed internet bandwidth to your tenants. There is never any throttling of individual website or application speeds. And the Aditum system allows you to easily customize data plans for every type of tenant.

When you can promote full-speed data access to your tenants, your rental spaces become more valuable. The Aditum system also allows you to mark-up the internet services provided to tenants, creating an additional revenue stream for the property.

We hope that net neutrality is maintained, and it is the additional revenue that draws you to Aditum. But if net neutrality is repealed, without Aditum you miss the opportunity to provide a high-quality, internet service to your tenants and make a better ROI in the process.

Contact us to learn more about the Aditum IMS. It’s a good deal no matter what happens to the net.