Maximize ROI and Leverage New Proposed HUD Broadband Requirements with Aditum IMS

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently proposed a new rule that requires the installation of broadband infrastructure during the construction or substantial renovation of most HUD-financed multifamily housing.

“Recognizing that it is generally easier and cheaper to install the necessary technology for high-speed internet at the time of construction, HUD is proposing that, when feasible, developers include these technologies in their multifamily development plans.  HUD’s proposed rule seeks to require that, when feasible, developers install broadband infrastructure at the time of new construction or substantial rehabilitation in multifamily rental housing that is funded or supported by HUD.”, according to the press release.

HUD estimates a 10-15% increase in construction and renovation costs with the new requirement.  The new rule would only require the physical broadband infrastructure be in place giving tenants the option for access. Some see this as a cost burden and will only install the wiring and be done with it.  However, with Aditum IMS, property owners and managers are discovering that not only can they maximize their constructions grants and loans, but can actually turn a significant profit by leveraging the required broadband infrastructure to provide and manage quality Internet service for their properties.

Aditum IMS makes simple what used to be a complicated venture and the benefits of leveraging such a system are many:

  • Easily distribute and manage bulk internet with simple-to-use Aditum IMS.
  • Wholesale bulk internet will lower per-tenant costs.
  • Receive federal grants to subsidize IMS build and operation.
  • Experience greater tenant stability and empower tenants with affordable access.
  • Incentivize more timely payments by bundling rent and internet.
  • Tenant late on rent again?  Suspend their internet service with the click of a button.
  • Instantly increase property value and more!

Discover how Aditum IMS can help you maximize your funding and earn significant profits all while helping to bridge the Digital Divide.  Everyone wins!

To read the complete HUD press release click here