Get Better Internet in your Apartment

Internet as it should be.

Let’s face it. There are four basic necessities of life:  food, clothing, shelter, and a strong internet connection. For many of us, that’s not even the correct order. Internet is life.

“Life,” however, is becoming prohibitively expensive while service rapidly deteriorates.  It often seems like interruptions prefer to happen in the middle of important phone calls and emails.  Maybe your online gaming is interrupted just before you are about to claim victory or video pixilation happens just in time to ruin the end of the big game or your favorite show. It’s frustrating.  Moreover, the Internet of Things is coming.  Soon your couch will probably have an internet connection.  Add in smart-homes, smart-TVs, fitness trackers and VR goggles, and bandwidth won’t just clog; it’ll have a digital heart attack.

And now for the bad news: mobile device data traffic is estimated to grow at 53% per year1. The internet will become the internot.

Now before you reach for the anti-depressants (if you already have, you can put them down), all is not lost.

Ask if your building’s internet is powered by Aditum Internet Management Service (IMS).  Aditum IMS boasts a powerful set of features under its hood so you never have to worry about internet again.  Experience the proven combination of guaranteed speeds, intelligent quality-of-service sophistication that automatically prioritizes critical and demanding traffic, and right-sized bandwidth plans to fit your needs, and more!  In other words, the complete package for those that demand the very best of internet connections.

Demand the advantages of having Aditum IMS in your building:

  • Instant Internet the day you move in. No waiting for the cable guy.
  • Easy and quick to install with any router
  • ZeroTouchTM router is true Plug-‘n-Play. Power on, plug in, and you’re ready to go.
  • Usually higher quality AND less expensive than traditional cable/DSL, etc.
  • No additional contracts or termination fees
  • Access the internet through commercial quality services, not low grade residential connections
  • All the profits can go into your building/property, which helps offset rent or HOA increases, not into the pockets of your local ISP

The bottom line is this: if you don’t have Aditum IMS in your building, talk to your landlord, property manager or property owner.  Have them give us a call.

Aditum IMS. Internet as it should be.

1 Scientific American, “The Bandwidth Bottleneck That Is Throttling the Internet