Internet – More Important than Laundry for Apartment Dwellers

A recent survey by Comcast asked building managers, owners, and developers of multi-family properties to rank the importance of rental amenities to apartment dwellers.

  • 89% of respondents cited technology as an important factor in a renter’s decision to renew or sign a lease.
    59% ranked high-speed internet access and Wi-Fi as the most important amenity. (only 13% said in-room laundry).

The popularity of streaming services such as Netflix , Amazon, and others helps explain why. Today’s rental demographic is more online and more connected than ever.

Smart owners and managers are using Aditum to easily offer customized internet services to tenants. They are capturing a great new source of revenue instead of watching someone else tap into this opportunity.

Tenants want it. Find out how you can give it to them.

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