How Reselling Internet Service to Tenants Works

How Aditum Works

Product Summary:
By creating the system that allows you to easily resell internet service purchased in bulk, Aditum quickly and easily turns any landlord or property owner/manager into an ISP, creating the opportunity for landlords to monetize their tenant internet connections.  With the purchase of a small appliance and a low monthly service fee, both billed by the partner, the Aditum service offers landlords many of the same capabilities available to the cable company for managing their tenant’s internet connections.  Full control of the system is available through a simple web portal. The service is offered exclusively through Aditum partners, and any support requests from end users will be directed to their partner.  Similarly, any sales requests are forwarded to a nearby partner.

All customer facing aspects of the product operate under the domain name, a white label domain which does not readily link back to any business other than the reseller, and can be further customized with your own branding and custom subdomain.  Once the property owner logs on, they are presented with branding information listing your business name, website, and phone number – their point of contact for all support related matters.  Our only direct interaction with the tenant and property owner is via the white labeled presence of our domain name.

Monitoring of the locations and tenants:
Both partner and landlord are able to log on to our web portal and verify that the location is online.  Basic usage data for each tenant (such as megabytes of bandwidth used up/down over the last 30 days, last sign in timestamp, most recent/current IP address etc) is also accessible.  Through the web interface you can suspend a tenant account (in the event of late rent payment, for example), reset the active session from the web portal, or simply change the tenant connection speed as needed.

Property owners and partners are able to log in and download a comprehensive tenant report at any time, regardless of how many locations they have the service installed at.  We provide a user definable field for tracking end user pricing that gets tied back to each user, allowing for easily billing across any number of tenants.

CALEA Compliance:
The equipment and service is CALEA compliant so if you were to receive a federal CALEA warrant, we can comply and provide any information law enforcement is requesting.  We can also go back and retrieve old user/IP association information, in the event that you ever receive a subpoena requesting such information.