End User Support, Simplified

It’s sometimes assumed that managing multi-tenant internet services and support can be tedious and time-consuming.  Aditum’s IMS platform is changing the game.  Aditum’s cloud-hosted management portal can be accessed from any web browser and provides all the tools and real-time information needed to easily and efficiently view and troubleshoot each property as well as each individual tenant connection.  With Aditum IMS you can:

  • Centrally manage all properties and view their online status information from a single screen
  • View real-time online status of every tenant account
  • View detailed session and usage statistics (global and individual)
  • Enable/disable individual tenant accounts with a single click
  • Create custom bandwidth plans and easily assign them to tenant accounts
  • Easily assign public and private IP addresses
  • And more!

The Aditum IMS platform is designed in such a way that very little maintenance and support is ever needed.  Though when support issues do arise, the typical demarcation point, where partner responsibilities stop and where tenant responsibilities begin, is at the tenant router.  Simply put, the Adtium platform provides all the information and tools needed for efficient support up to this tenant demarcation point.  Support issues are typically as simple as having a tenant reboot their router or make sure everything is plugged in correctly on their end.  That’s it! 

The Aditum IMS platform empowers MSPs, dealers, and property managers with an unmatched combination of carrier-grade sophistication and management simplicity.  Discover this how this powerful combination can help enhance your business and contact Aditum today!