Disappointed with the Cancellation of Google Fiber?

Google announced this week they are ‘pausing’ their fiber options in ten cities, laying off staff, and putting a halt on any future development of the Google Fiber network. Google will continue to provide service in cities where it is already operating.

Google’s ambitious plan with Google Fiber was to bring high speed internet service through fiber optics to communities across the country. Laying its own fiber optic cable network, Google intended to contract directly with customers.

Were you hoping Google Fiber would be a solution for your office or apartment building?  We feel your frustration. By utilizing the Aditum internet access management platform, our partners can provide affordable high speed fiber internet access to multi-tenant properties as well as office buildings nationwide. Aditum’s innovative design provides the tools to distribute bandwidth across tenants and manage their internet access at up to gigabit speeds.  This gives buildings a new revenue stream, by customizing and monetizing tenant’s internet needs.


If you are looking partner with Aditum to bring fiber internet to office and apartment buildings in your area, or if  you own / manage buildings and are looking for information on how to get fiber optics installed for your tenants, contact us for more information.