Dealer Success Selling Aditum

Dealers need to understand how building owners approach the idea of reselling internet services with Aditum.

Building owners don’t know there is an option for internet services. Building owners might be uncertain about this new type of service and the companies they will work with in this case. They’ve probably never really dealt with professional IT services companies before.  They are used to internet being one more outsourced service they know their tenants need, like phone, power, and cable tv. They are not used to providing this type of service themselves.

Aditum is a different way to manage internet for the tenants. We use bulk internet delivered to the building, where the Aditum system divides up the bulk internet and delivers it according to the service plan sold to each tenant.  Building owners use Aditum to resell and manage the internet service to the tenants.

When building owners resell internet service to the tenant, they generate additional revenue by marking-up the internet service. Depending on the size of the building, the markup can be many thousands of dollars per year. 

Aditum is easy. Use the existing internet wiring or add new cables. Add our Zero-Touch routers in each apartment or tenant space. Manage everything from your Aditum online account.  Aditum is perfect for mixed-use buildings, too.

Apartments become more desirable because they don’t have cable company internet, and tenants can set up faster connections through Aditum.  This helps differentiate the property from the competition and fills the tenant spaces more quickly. And tenants are less likely to fall behind on rent when the building can shut off internet service to their apartment.

Dealers should approach every Aditum opportunity with an expectation that building owners will need to first become comfortable with entire process. Even though it seems as if they should quickly gravitate to all the benefits of using Aditum, reselling internet services is a brand-new concept for them. Convincing them will require education about the benefits and confidence in the dealer and Aditum.