Capitalize on Unlimited Data for Your Tenants

Internet service providers are increasingly moving towards pay-as-you-go bandwidth pricing models. Most ISPs now offer metered, per-GB service plans and often charge a premium for unlimited data; for good reason. As internet usage becomes more a part of our daily lives, average demand continues to trend upward.

Now properties can easily offer their tenants the same service plan flexibility as the major carriers! Simply procure some wholesale bandwidth of your choosing (we can help), drop-in your Aditum hardware, wire in the tenant spaces, and you’re off!

Included and built into the Aditum IMS platform are completely customizable speed packages and service plans. Quickly and easily define bandwidth plan upload and download rates, optional data transfer limits per tenant (including unlimited data), and more!

Best of all, YOU set the prices according to your business model. Set yourself apart from the competition with carrier-grade internet services offerings while also enjoying a great new source of revenue.

Discover today how the simple-to-operate and powerful Aditum IMS platform can help introduce new sources of revenue for your property. Create your own plans and create new revenue with Aditum IMS.

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