Affordable Internet Access for Tenants

Broadband internet has become a necessity in today’s society, and the difference between having access and not having access can impact workplace advancement for adults and educational achievement for students.  Aditum IMS can help property owners and managers deliver quality internet, affordably, to their tenants.

Adults know that online access is important for career advancement and sometimes the ability to work from home online can lead to a more stable family environment.  Students find more and more of their coursework in the cloud, and the ability to successfully navigate online resources has become a core competency expected by colleges and employers.

MSPs, dealers, and property owners can offer affordable internet service that makes tenant spaces more desirable while helping to empower tenants with the core services they need. By leveraging its network of resources and partners, Aditum can help you locate quality bulk internet at a wholesale discount.  Combined with the easy-to-use Aditum Internet Management Service, choose to pass the savings along to tenants and experience the benefits of having Aditum IMS at your property!

  • Easily distribute and manage bulk internet with simple-to-use Aditum IMS.
  • Wholesale bulk internet will lower per-tenant costs.
  • Receive grants from housing authorities to subsidize IMS build and operation.
  • Experience greater tenant stability and empower tenants with affordable access.
  • Incentivize more timely payments by bundling rent and internet.
  • Penalize late payments through your control of internet service delivery.
  • Instantly increase property value and more!

Empower tenants with a world of information and economic opportunity with quality broadband access that was previously out of reach and discover all the benefits that will follow.  With the Aditum IMS deployment simplicity and carrier-grade feature set, this has never been easier.