Aditum’s New “Zero-Touch” Feature Opens the ISP Door for Everyone

Aditum announced today the launch of Zero-Touch; a new product option included in the feature-rich Aditum Internet Management Service platform.

Power on and plug in, that’s it!

Zero-Touch seeks to remedy a common challenge in the multi-tenant internet management arena, configuring and supporting the tenant router.  The Zero-Touch system will intelligently auto-configure the tenant router as soon as it’s plugged in.  It requires ZERO configuration by the install technician or tenant.  WAN, LAN, and wireless will all perfectly auto-configure with tenant-unique settings along with tenant credentials that dynamically determine their speed package, IP addressing, and more.  By the time cables are being dressed, an email will have already been sent to the tenant detailing access and administration.

Increased Productivity, Streamlined Support

Aditum listens to their clients.  Even with decades of combined ISP and MSP experience, it’s not uncommon for Aditum engineers to encounter unique challenges voiced by their partners.  Aditum often develops custom code and features as they are requested by clients and partners.  This is how Zero-Touch was born.  Smaller firms wanted it help streamline customer support.  Larger firms wanted it increase deployment speed and productivity.  Aditum delivered and now all of their partners can enjoy faster deployments, increased productivity, and streamlined customer support with Zero-Touch.

About Aditum Internet Management Service

Aditum IMS launched in 2014 and was initially created to serve as an “ISP in a box”.  The goal was to create a drop-in appliance that delivers carrier-class ISP features and sophistication, but also runs on top of a user-friendly interface without the need of a team of network engineers.  This they have done.  The Aditum IMS platform is best in class.  Nowhere else will you find an IMS platform with such an immense feature set combined with an architecture and interface that does not require a network engineering degree.  Aditum IMS empowers anyone become an ISP and monetize internet.  Aditum partners include MSPs, VARs, satellite dealers, property management, and property owners alike and they’ve all discovered that a door to a virtually untapped new vertical has been opened with Aditum IMS and Zero-Touch.